About ‘High Flyers’

High Flyers in Nebbi district (1st round, June 2019)

ICCO Cooperation has launched the High Flyers programme (2019 - 2021) in Uganda!

This initiative will enable youth with an agri-business in Uganda (Nebbi district and Lango region) to scale sustainable businesses thus generating jobs and strengthening local communities. The ‘High Flyers’ programme is implemented in partnership with Youth Business International (YBI) and Enterprise Uganda and funded by the Argidius Foundation, Government of Uganda, Accenture and Enterprise Uganda.

Young entrepreneurs (18 - 35 years) with an agri-business in Nebbi district are invited to apply for the programme (deadline: Saturday 9th of Sept 2019 5pm EAT).

This application form will provide the ICCO team with the required information to determine if you will be selected. Only the shortlisted candidates will be validated and after that invited for participation in the programme.

The High Flyers programme consists of:

  • Business development and entrepreneurship training for 1,000 young agrientrepreneurs.
  • Communications, marketing and pitching training for 300 - 400 agri-entrepreneurs.
  • Longterm support and mentoring for 300 - 400 young agri-entrepreneurs.
  • Support in linkage to financial service providers for appropriate financial products.

If you choose to participate in the program you will be required to participate in all the activities of the programme. You will also be required to provide (financial) enterprise data of the past 12 months and throughout the programme period.

Do you have the desire, resources and ambition to grow your business? We look forward to supporting you.

Apply Now!